De Designpolitie

Keep it simple Turning complex stories into iconic visuals


Does simple mean dull?

Of course not. Our working process is based on this principle: make it simple. In order to send clear and accessible messages, we take a complex problem and turn it into a striking and communicative result.

We believe that by getting rid of the clutter we have a better shot at getting the message across. It’s not minimalism for the sake of minimalism though. Instead we distill the core of the story, build a concept around it and present this in the strongest possible way.

The outcome will stand out in the dense visual world on the street and in all media, online and offline. Thus we shape brands, identities and visual communication that people will recognize and remember.

Our process is pretty straightforward as well.
After an intake we propose a course of action leading to a debrief, first design proposal, feedback, modifications, implementation and service.

Want to get acquainted? We’ll be more than happy to explain it all over coffee!