Books on Architecture Publications for the Netherlands Architecture Institute

250 1

The complete history of Dutch architecture through drawings, maps, plans and other treasures from the extensive NAI archive. Images tumble over each other and clamour for attention in this very rich publication.

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30 highlights 1

A small handout, this compact booklet features 30 highlights from the programme of the NAI.

30 highlights 2



Architecture of Consequence is Ole Bouman’s pamphlet to the world. This is What Architecture Can Do, or rather: should be trying to do. No more ego-architecture by star architects for oil dollars. Architecture that will help save the world and its people from disaster!


A modest study on the position and design of libraries in the 21st century.

Testify 1

Testify a follow up to Architecture of Consequence. Filled from cover to cover with great initiatives and ambitious plans using architecture as a tool for societal change.

Testify 2


Testify 3


Keuzes maken 1

This report documents the strategy that the NAI Archive developed towards extending its collection with items from the second half of the 20th century. Through a series of infographics, it makes clear which choices are made and why.

Keuzes maken 2


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