3D About Me Animated Elevator Pitch for a 3D Scanning App


3DAbout.me is a new 3D scanning and online shopping tool which aims to assist customers worldwide to order the right fit for size-related products online. Through their smartphone app,  3DAboutMe allows you to scan your own physical dimensions and upload the information to a database of product dimensions. Their specially developed algorithm then searches through these numbers and finds the best match between the two – based on real 3D measurements, and carried out in realtime.

In short, 3D About Me is a service which makes online shopping easier, more efficient and more sustainable by minimising sizing problems and shortening the distance between buyers and sellers. 

We developed a storyboard, illustration style and script for their product pitch based on this essential idea; using the visual of the line as a metaphor for the simple and straightforward shopping process that 3D About Me offers. The use of the line also reminds consumers of the brand logo.

Image 3 Image 4

Additionally, isometric illustrations give the animation a technical look, while keeping the tone light and allowing the 3D renderings to take centre stage. In three parts, this product pitch: 1) visualises the existing problems in the online shopping process, 2) introduces the solutions offered by 3D About Me, and 3) demonstrates how the product works.

Image 2 Image 1


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