Frascati Issues Posters for mini festivals at theatre Frascati

Every year we develop campaign images for Frascati Issues, the social themes label by Theater Frascati. Each program discusses a different topic and involves not only theater performances but also interactive elements, social discussion and research. Gender, privacy and illegality are just some of the themes that have been covered.

We approached every series with the same starting point based on a simple idea: the use of anonymous portraits as blank canvases. We then intervened on these portraits in different ways depending on the theme of each programme.

Below are some of the campaigns we have designed so far for Frascati Issues.


FRA_CommeUne A2 comp1


CommeUne included performances, lectures, debates and talk shows about the individual versus the collective; how people shape the environment and vice versa.



Out of State
Five days of theater and debate on the gray areas of illegal immigration and the refugee situation.


FRA_Out of State A0-3


A three-night event on the topic of gender, sexual identity and the boundaries of masculinity and femininity.




Changing Places
Theatre makers, social organizations and policy makers were brought together with the aim to co-work to find new solutions to various social issues.


ChangingPlaces1 ChangingPlaces2




The End of Privacy
The end of privacy in the digital era: how our data is collected before we know it, and how we share our private life without really being aware of the consequences. A program on the topic of revealing ourselves –or a distorted idea of the real me– to the world through the digital platforms.


FRA_TEOP S A2 1512142 FRA_TEOP S A2 151214 FRA_TEOP S A2 1512143
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