KPN Integrated Annual Report 2016


Connected to the future
As the largest telecom provider in the Netherlands, KPN is responsible for many products and services which will shape our lives in the future. Rather than just a look back, this annual report – winner of a European Excellence Award – is an exciting exploration of these future technologies.

The findings are presented in an interactive visual report of the future in the website of the 2016 Annual Report. With the help of 15 experts, 12 split screen videos were made in which you can learn about the latest advances in artificial intelligence, quantum computing and more.

The new technology we developed invites users to interact with these videos by swiping and scrolling. In an intuitive way, they can move between the facts & figures of the report on the left and summaries of the future technologies on the right. A clear interface that emphasizes the comparison between present and future, and is specially designed for the mobile user.

Throughout the report, elements like animated infographics make the data accessible for a larger audience than just the stock market analysts. For them the full report is available through a custom-made download manager.

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