PROUD Identity & off- and on-line communication

PROUD stands for People Researchers Organizations Using Design. It is a collaborative project for co-design, and its partners are various European design research organizations. PROUD initiates talks, workshops and brainstorms, and connects designers with all sorts of people and companies, in order to come up with solutions for real problems and to demonstrate the power of design to other sectors.

The identity consists of a grid of 4×4 mm, which makes everything possible. The other tools are three basic colours, a very functional typeface, and room for handwritten stuff, all based on the idea of sketching without restrictions on a blank artboard.

This very flexible identity results in all kinds of printed and online platforms, and even a tool displayed on a touchscreen.

Proud 1 logo


Proud 4 logos



Proud 12 logos


Proud icons Proud covers


Proud envelopes


Proud booklet Proud popup Touchscren 1


Touchscreen 2


Proud Gallery


Proud Website


Proud illustration 1 Proud illustration 2


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