Publiceer het maar Just publish it!


On 11 June 2008 Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands officially opened the Graphic Design Museum in Breda. De Designpolitie designed one of its galleries for children aged 7 to 11.

In this room, children become acquainted with the graphic design discipline in an interactive way: they can have a go at being designers themselves. The walls are clad in paint containing iron, and magnetic figures are attached to them. With these magnets, you can make your own compositions on the billboards set up in the room and make painted shapes on the wall. You can also design digitally, using a design programme developed specially for this room on one of its computers.

The exhibition was also on show in Romania. The spatial design was developed in collaboration with Studio Laurens van Wieringen. Publiceer Het Maar (‘Just Publish It’) was nominated for an ADCN Lamp.

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