What Design Can Do São Paulo Event & Campaign


On the 7 & 8 December 2015, What Design Can Do’s first ever edition outside of the Netherlands kicked off in São Paulo, Brazil. Together with local partners Mandacaru Design, we curated & produced the two-day conference, which included some 18 presentations on main stage, 8 breakout sessions with sponsors and speakers, and 2 exhibitions.

Besides several top Brazilian faces like top-chef Alex Atala and designer Marcelo Rosenbaum, this edition’s programme also included speakers from countries like the USA, Portugal, the Netherlands, Norway and India.

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As Designpolitie we also developed and designed the event’s communication strategy; which began in October across a variety of media: on our website, social channels and through
publicity campaigns in the city and on location.

The final campaign image was based around the concept of the building block, something which evokes a sense of collaboration and endless possibilities. The addition of the color green to the identity gave this edition a distinct Brazilian flair.

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